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“It is our desire to see each student excel in character, confidence and skill,” says Jamie Bourque, owner of Competitive Edge Training Academy in Lafayette. “We teach with enthusiasm and through positive reinforcement. We strive to assure that our clients’ passion is perfected.” Competitive Edge Training Academy (CETA), located at 623 W. Pont Des Mouton Road in upper Lafayette strives to do things a little differently. “There is so much pressure on kids these days–grades, teams, competitions –it goes on and on,” explains Bourque.“We do want to introduce our kids to competition, but we want to have fun while we get better, if the awards come, even better, but it’s not our main focus.”

Bourque’s bio looks like a Who’s Who in competitive cheering. She has competed and succeeded at every level and is now trying to pass this passion on to the next generation. For those kids interested in competitive cheering, CETA offers three competition teams composed of cheerleaders from ages 3–17. In their first year of competing, each team received the honor of a bid to a higher level of competition.
In addition to these cheer competition teams, Competitive Edge covers all aspects of training from tumbling for tots through teens to fitness classes to all levels of cheer classes and camps. / MAtt ROth
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