Different Angles – Local Teen Drawn To Sports Photography

Ever wonder why human beings are so drawn to watch others compete in athletic endeavors? Research shows that we spend billions ofImage4s dollars a year in the youth sports industry alone, simply put, to witness the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, the human drama of athletic competition. Spectators at sports competitions participate vicariously in hopeful observation of catching even the briefest glimpse of the thrill of victory while simultaneously risking the agony of defeat.

Image2Sports photographers capture these raw human emotions to forever memorialize the moments that drew us to the competition in the first place. Thus, a foundational skill for sports photographers is passionate emotional intelligence (EQ) creating the ability to anticipate and then

recognize when such emotions might be displayed. Enter Elle Kreamer, an eighth grader at Fatima. Anyone who knows her would agree that passionate emotional intelligence is one of her strengths, perhaps the reason that she was drawn to sports photography in the first place. Elle

has always seen life through a different angle and was drawn to the idea of capturing competitive emotions on various mediums. She started taking pictures and videos of her three brothers (Charles, Will and Thomas), capturing their efforts playing basketball, cross country, track and soccer. Elle’s own efforts in basketball, cross country and track developed the sincere appreciation for what her athletic subjects endure.

Anyone attending STM’s 2015 Sunkist Shootout probably saw her eagerly patrolling the courts on behalf of Quick Slants, searching for ways to slow down the moments of our ever faster lives through still image photography, looking out for the cut resulting in the perfect pass and
gravity-defying dunk over a super-sized competitor, as such images commonly demonstrate both the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.
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