About Us

Quick Slants Sports strives to be the most comprehensive sports resource in the Acadiana area. We focus on outstanding individuals, programs teams, and the coaches that inspire them. We cover popular sports we all follow including Football, Baseball, and Basketball; however we also feature other sports like Lacrosse, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Wrestling, Gymnastics, and Band. We’ve even covered Equestrian and Rodeo and regularly include articles on nutrition, training, and recruiting tips. Quick Slants circulates about 15,000 copies each issue across the Acadiana, South Louisiana area as well as deliver to every high school in the 6 parish area. This publication is the perfect way to reach parents, students, sports enthusiast, and community. Our 2 major demographics are Male and Female ages 16-24 and 25-54. You can find us on the web at www.quickslants.net, Quick Slants Facebook Page, Instagram – QuickSlantsMag, Twitter – Quick_Slants_LA.